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March 2023

For months, I’ve been searching for one thing in my professional life: space.

I believe great work comes from space. Space makes room for intention. It’s difficult to have space—and, subsequently, intention—when you’re working just to pay the bills or put food on the table. It’s difficult to have space when you work for clients or managers or bosses, all of which predicate doing things for or on behalf of others and not necessarily for yourself.

I’ve been working to find that space, and I think I finally have it, at least for a little while. A question that I’ve wanted an answer to for a while is this: what could happen if I had a whole month to focus on just one thing? With a few small exceptions, I think I have March 2023 available to answer that question. I’M. PUMPED.

That said, I’m also trying not to be too overzealous about this idea. Things—whether they’re distractions or opportunities—have a way of manifesting themselves. Generally, that’s welcome, but it does put a damper on a period of time devoted for focusing on one activity.

I have a simple goal. I want to spend March working on my next big project. Last month, it was launching my design system course with Dribbble, which I couldn’t be more proud of and is going really well. My new big initiative starts this month, and my goal is to launch the first step of it before March 31.

Can I do it? I’ll let you know in next month’s issue.

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